Friday, 31 July 2009

Grants for wood burner

I asked about grants to install a more fuel efficient wood burner. Here is the answer from Carbon Watchers. It's interesting; I never knew that pellet stoves were funded under renewable energy, but log burners aren't. I need to look into this and decide on our best move:

"In terms of grant help, you could get something towards a pellet stove, but not a replacement log burner.

I know this presents difficulties with the cost of fuel (and availability, to a certain extent) but for some reason they don’t fund log burners as a renewable energy thing (harder to calculate the carbon savings, maybe?).

If you went for a pellet stove you could get £1000 from Gloucestershire County Council (administered by SWEA, if you want further info please see our SWEA website.

You could also get £600 for a standalone pellet stove, or £1500 if connected to radiators/back boiler from the Low Carbon Buildings Programme.

For general info on this option please see our factsheet on wood burners and pellet stoves.

As a recipient of DLA you also qualify for the central government grant “Warm Front”, regardless of your age or income.
They only fund a limited range of measures, and only do heating works when what you’ve got is broken, so unfortunately I doubt they would replace your log burner for something that’s more efficient.

However, if you find you need a replacement hot water cylinder they may well fund this so it could be worth calling them now, explaining the situation and letting them decide whether to send an assessor out. Contact Warm Front for further details or call 0800 316 2805."

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